Hello, my name is Joie de Winter, I am a musician, Luna Harp maker, sound healer and voice worker based in UK, at Oaks Farm Firewood in Banstead. I set up Luna Harp project 3 years ago after seeing a vision in Mexico ceremony of a circle of women playing energetic harps for the earth.

My pure offering is to hand build these healing harps for a group of 13 women to bring deeper harmony to the earth, ourselves and the communities around us. I have a wish that we offer these harp circles for others and on a pilgrimage. Through sound, singing and the harp we can return back into alignment with our truth, which has a ripple effect on the earth around us. 13 is related to the moon cycles and roots back to the Egyptian bow harp that was played in the temples in the past.

I hope to empower women by supporting their journeys into intuitive sacred expression. To discover and reclaim back music, voice and instruments as a tool for connection to spirit and intuition.To help people return to a deep state of being and surrender through sound.